custom all aluminum cabs

Custom All Aluminum Cabs

Marion Body Works manufactures all aluminum cabs for custom chassis builders. Over 50 years of experience building all aluminum bodies for emergency vehicles – which is more years experience than any other U.S. manufacturer – along with 14 years of experience working with industrial adhesives has set the stage for our long-term commitment to building all aluminum cabs.

Advantages of Marion's Fully Extruded Approach

The fully extruded design of a Marion cab produces many advantages, including reduced weight, excellent component fit-up, and superior strength. As stated above, extruded aluminum is much stronger than other materials, allowing us to build the strongest possible cab which resists damage, helps protect the occupants, and has the lowest product liability. Additionally, extruded aluminum designed cabs provide the following benefits:

  • Extruded aluminum cabs include the lowest cost to bodywork before painting    
  • Door and window fit-up are precise, making replacements faster and less expensive
  • Extruded aluminum provides the flattest, truest surface for a superior finish
  • Our approach provides an evenly crowned roof that sheds water and ice to eliminate damaging "duck ponds"
  • This also eliminates thick bondo areas that are expensive themselves and make paint repairs expensive   
  • All non-aluminum fasteners, hinges, and cab tilt brackets have galvanic isolation for higher quality and longevity     
  • Superior appearance created by a flat rear wall without weld distortion marks, a smoothly crowned roof, and all around door fit up - even in tilt position    

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