About Our Fire & Emergency Products

You could say we do things the hard way.

While we know of a number of less time-consuming methods used to build fire and emergency vehicles, the results compromise the vehicle and short-cut customers. Going that extra mile in every single step of the process, in even the smallest detail, is what makes Marion the highest-quality fire and emergency vehicle on the market. And the best investment for your department.

The more you know about a Marion, the more you’ll want one at your side on every call:

  • A Marion is the only one made exactly to your specs – there’s no such things as a base model at Marion – not even a standard chassis. We design from the ground up using your exact specification, so you get the vehicle you need, in every way
  • Lighter, more maneuverable. Marion’s bodies (the entire body, including substructure) are made entirely of aluminum because it’s lightweight and gives a truck a lower center of gravity, making it more maneuverable than others
  • Some customers want their truck to be built of stainless steel and those vehicles are built with the same attention to detail and designed to withstand rigorous use and conditions
  • Greater payload capacity. Because of its light weight, you can carry more payload on a lighter, less expensive axle. And since the truck is less likely to run at its rated maximum GVWR, the components will last longer. Even the subframe is aluminum – no heavy steel vulnerable to salt, water and rust
  • Extruded aluminum bodies are 105% stronger. Marion bodies are fully extruded using state-of-the-art fabrication systems. Virtually every piece of material is CNC produced, not cut up on the production floor. Tensile strength is 105% stronger than 3003 sheet; 36% stronger than 50502 sheet
  • The toughest finish in the business. Bodies are painted before we put them on the chassis, so every nook and cranny receives full coats of primer and finish. Surfaces are meticulously prepared, and every hole is punched before a drop of paint is applied
  • Standard multiplex wiring gives you greater flexibility and reliability. Troubleshooting the system is quick and easy; a modem allows Marion engineers to analyze, diagnose and reconfigure vehicle electronics over the phone
  • Marion bodies flex. That’s a huge reason we have little to no structural warranty problems. When you try to mount a body with outriggers and then rigid bolt the body to it, it’s a matter of time before you’ll experience cracks. When things flex (body one way and chassis the other), something has to give at some point
  • Wheel wells are welded. Salt and dirt spin off the tires at high speeds, and this corrosive muck is looking for a place to get lodged and do its damage. Marion is the only builder in the industry that solidly welds up these seams which are under constant assault
  • An unheard-of warranty. Our entire line, including rescue vehicles (walk-in and non-walk-in), pumpers, rescue pumpers, aerials, tankers and haz-mat vehicles are covered by a full 15-year structural warranty; paint carries a 10-year warranty. And if you have a problem with your vehicle because of something we did, we want to fix it, on our dime

Read more about the detail that goes into our specific vehicles by viewing our Products Page.


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