We have over a century of building custom truck bodies.

We love a good challenge, and we use our 100+ years of expertise to nail your exact specifications and empower you to be the best at what you do. Marion Body Works' valued solutions—from commercial truck bodies and custom engineered vehicles and cabs to defense and fire & emergency vehicles—are tested and trusted. That is what Customized to Drive Greatness is all about.


Curtis Ignacio
MArion Body Works


Marion drives confidence. Here's why.

Knowledge and experience—What we learn within one of the five industries we serve contributes to leading-edge innovations in the others.

Built from the ground up—We believe in collaborative and custom design, using valuable insights from our customer, sales team, shop floor, engineers and suppliers.

A team of specialists—Expertise at every step: aluminum and steel fabrication, welding, plumbing, foam insulation, hydraulics, electronics, painting.

Wise vendor selection—Beyond price, we choose vendors based on quality, warranty and service, so every component meets our very high standards, and yours.

Relationships are valued—80% of our customers are repeat customers, and the average Marion employee has been with us for more than a decade.

Advanced capabilities

Across all disciplines, we bring excellence in engineering, fabrication, manufacturing, testing/inspection, and welding.

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Why aluminum?

As the first manufacturer to realize the potential of all-aluminum fire apparatus (more than 50 years ago), we know its advantages: rust resistance, strength-to-weight ratio, flexibility, and extrusion qualities.

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Family ownership makes a difference

We’re not a corporation filling orders. We’re hardworking people driven to exceed expectations. We’re flexible and easy to work with. And, we're determined. You'll experience that in every contact you have with Marion, and within every product that bears our name.

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