We're known for phenomenal quality.

You're never forced to compromise. It's in our blood to ensure that every detail of our custom commercial truck bodies gets the same focus and attention, and that they outperform the highest standards. We nail your requirements by building nearly every truck body from the ground up.

We build truck bodies differently.

We meet specific industry needs through better construction.

  • Strong yet lightweight construction
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware, doors, components
  • Rigorous testing ensures durability, payload capacity, maneuverability
  • Customization includes rails, ramps, lifts, walls ... whatever you need!

Marion Commercial Truck Bodies provide unparalleled performance.

Greater maneuverability—Our aluminum bodies are lightweight and have a low center of gravity.

Greater payload capacity—Carry more payload on a lighter, less expensive axle. And, by running at less-than-max GVWR, components last longer.

Added strength—Virtually every piece of material is CNC produced. Tensile strength is 105% stronger than 3003 sheet; 36% stronger than 5052 sheet.