Let's build the truck of your department's dreams.

No two calls are the same (and no two departments), so we customize combination rescues to be durable, flexible and agile so your department’s efficiency is optimized. From walk-in areas used by personnel to non-walk-in areas securely carrying equipment, our combo rescues are always rugged and efficient.

Every detail of a Marion counts, because in your line of work, every second counts.

Loaded with difference-making features.

Reliable construction—All-aluminum means lighter weight, greater payload capacity and unmatched rust resistance.

Superior storage—A key to a great Rescue is its storage abilities, including on the roof.

Smart roof tops—A recessed walkway, with an extension, allows for safe egress up and down; plus, a welded treadplate roof with 100% welded seams makes the roof strong and weather-tight.

Convenient reels—Reels are located above the door openings, out of the way, or in rooftop compartments; and all roller guides are included as standard with all reels.

Seamless interior walls and ceiling—This feature minimizes areas on which dirt or bacteria can collect; Kemlite is tough enough to handle high-pressure hot water cleaning.


Sturdy cabinets—Made of aluminum, instead of wood or Formica, these interior cabinets won't easily chip or be scratched.

Sweep-out compartments—Enjoy ultimate strength when heavy equipment is dropped on the compartment edge and slid in; the floor is 100% welded to the threshold for a truly sweep-out design.

Industry-leading warranties—We provide a standard 2-year bumper to bumper warranty.

Options that match your needs.

Drive assured on a solid foundation by choosing the chassis to form the base of your Marion with a custom (Spartan) or commercial (International, Freightliner, Ford, Kenworth or Peterbilt) chassis.

Make an impression with your corrosion-resistant body

  • Construction is fully extruded, all-aluminum construction, including integrated sub-structure to eliminate corrosion
  • Seamless interior walls and ceilings
  • Sealed and insulated floors to remove road noise
  • Entire front of body is aluminum treadplate to protect from stones
  • Wheel wells 100% sealed enclosures

Store items where you need them—our side compartment walls are a double wall design to allow wiring and components to be recessed; no exposed wiring

Gain access to your truck how you want with extruded flush-mounted or roll-up doors; single side entry.

Hassle-free electrical you trust with multiplex wiring as standard for easy troubleshooting; "as built” wiring diagrams created specifically for your apparatus; “soft touch” backlit switching is standard; wiring raceway along ceiling protects and allows easy service access.

Easily move through your truck interior—cab-to-body walkthrough; interior headroom 69"-78"; custom equipment mounting; multiple command center options.