When what you need isn't standard.

When a common body or heavy steel enclosure doesn’t fit your application, we have solutions: custom-built trucks made with all-aluminum, steel, stainless or galvanized enclosures designed to your exact specifications. Our manufacturing capabilities allow for us to produce what you need, whether it’s one-of-a-kind or large, repeat orders.

All Custom Engineered Vehicles start as ideas. Our process brings them to life.

  • COLLABORATION—We work with you to identify needs to be met.
  • ENGINEERING—Our engineering team makes prototypes and creates drawings of your vehicle to ensure alignment.
  • MANUFACTURING—Dedicated fabricating, welding and production teams craft your vehicle from the ground up.
  • QUALITY and TESTING—We provide opportunities for customer check points along the way.
  • DELIVERY—We ensure satisfaction upon delivery, creating a vehicle that is Customized to Drive Greatness.

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Custom Truly Means Custom with Marion

Doors—Limitless door options: size, construction, hardware, and more.

Floors and finished surfaces—Multiple floor structure and finished surface options are available.

Paint—Prep/prime and custom paint and undercoating; we offer many options for paint.

3D Designed—Get a detailed and clear picture of what your custom vehicle will look like.




3D Designed