Marion Body Works Defense business has been building defense bodies and tactical vehicle components since the U.S. military set foot in the sands of the first Persian Gulf War.

Defense Contractors recognize our diverse capabilities have been forged from the emergency calls of our fire and rescue vehicles, as well as from our demanding custom truck body applications. Even our Commercial Truck Bodies are engineered and built to “tougher than normal” standards – we don’t just build a body, we manufacture a capability where there wasn’t one before. We leverage our broad body experience to compliment your tactical vehicle’s need to go anywhere and do anything at a moment’s notice.

As a highly ethical, privately owned American company, Marion Body Works has built equipment for several programs of record:

FHTV (Family Heavy Tactical Vehicles) - Army

m985-hemtt HEMTT-A4-M983A4-Wrecker-1 hemtt_m977_EPP
M985 A2 HEMTT Cargo M984 A2 HEMTT Wrecker  M997 A2 EPP HEMTT

FMTV (Family Medium Tactical Vehicles) - Army

FMTV-M1078-4x4 FMTV-M1083-6X6 M1089A1P2_8.5T_Wrecker
M1078 4x4  M1083 6x6  M1089

Tactical Bodies

LVSR-body M977-cargo-body Military-wrecker-body
LVSR Body M977 Cargo Body MTVR Wrecker Body
M1089_Body M1089-Winch M984-Body
M1089 Body M1089 Winch M984 Body

Other Programs of Record

LVSR_2 RG33_SOCOM_AUV-915525-edited mtvr_wrecker-008964-edited
(Logistics Vehicle System
Replacements) - Marines
(Armored Utility Vehicle) - SOCOM
(Medium Tactical
Vehicle Replacements) - Marines

In addition to the above programs, our work can also be found on:

THAAD Mobile Missile Transporters (First Prototypes), Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET)

THAAD-500x288 HET_Cab_Replacement-web HET-web-426228-edited
THAAD Mobile Missile Transporter* HET Cab Replacement HET
*Body work approved, missiles were not ready.

FMS (Foreign Military Sales) Hazmat Trucks for Afghanistan

FMS-Hazmat_Trucks_for_Afghanistan-1 FMS-HazMat2 FMS-HazMat1

Tactical Wheeled Ground Effects Vehicles 

Cargo, Dry Van, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Flatbed, General-purpose, Hazmat, Mobile Maintenance, Mortuary, Troop Carrier

General-Purpose-3-529904-edited General-Purpose-1 General-purpose-2

Equipment Shelters, Patriot Missile Generator and Observation Platforms

Shelter-green Shelter-2 Shelter-3

Equipment Reset

Once our equipment has been deployed we also have the ability to handle its Reset. This involves taking the deployed equipment, returning it, and removing all components. We then sand blast its components back to the bare metal and then remanufacture the body back to original equipment standards.

Refurbish_Rest_section Components-removed Recapped_Body_After_Being_Painted
Sand-blasted bare frame
Components removed
Final recapped body

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• Small Business Classification:
  Self Certified (230 Employees)
• DUNS# 05-624-4627
• Cage Code: 7Y710
• SAM Registered
• ITAR – DS2032 Registered
• JCP Registered
• Protected Technical Data Management
• Traceable Material Purchases
• FCPA Company Policy on File
• More Than 100 AWS
  (American Welding Society)
  Qualified Welders and a
  Welding Instructor on staff. 

  • Michael R. Krueger
    Welding Program Specialist
    AWS - Certified Welding Inspector