We're the pioneer of a superior solution.

As the first manufacturer to realize the potential of all-aluminum truck bodies more than 50 years ago, we know its benefits, both short- and long-term: rust resistance, flexibility, extrusion qualities, and strength-to-weight ratio.


The Appeal of Aluminum

Aluminum extruded perimeter frame: These heavy-duty extrusions are designed to fit together, accept a smooth or treadplate roof, and have stood the demands of rigorous shake testing.

Heavy-duty cast aluminum corners: Designed to be welded to extruded top, side and corner radii, our aluminum corners tie the entire structure together; a casting that was engineered to fit with the mating extrusions.

Superior corrosion protection: Aluminum resists rust and improves the longevity of the enclosure.

More than just a metal.

Vehicle performance—Compared to steel, an aluminum cab with the same horsepower engine has superior acceleration. Reducing the weight of the cab also improves gas mileage.

Improved safety—Aluminum lowers a truck's center of gravity, improving maneuverability, plus it requires less braking distance, increasing overall safety.

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Benefits of Aluminum



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