custom all aluminum cabs

Custom All Aluminum Fire Truck Cabs

Marion Body Works manufactures all aluminum cabs for OEM custom chassis builders. More than 50 years of experience building all aluminum bodies for emergency vehicles, along with experience working with industrial adhesives, allows us to use fewer riveting processes which gives our cabs professional smooth finishes for paint and decaling.

CAD_Model_Spartan_MFD fully-extruded-2 fully-extruded-1

The fully extruded-aluminum design produces many advantages, including reduced weight, excellent component fit-up, and superior strength. Extruded aluminum designed cabs also provide:

  • An evenly crowned roof that sheds water and ice to eliminate damaging "duck ponds"
  • All non-aluminum fasteners, hinges, and cab tilt brackets have galvanic isolation for higher quality and longevity

Custom Aluminum and Steel Cabs and Enclosures

utility-enclosure-cab shelter-1 Altec

Marion Body Works specializes in aluminum and steel cabs for OEM assembly. Our Engineering teams work closely with OEMs looking to introduce new product lines or produce products for niche markets where volume does not justify producing stamped cabs. Taking an integrated design approach, we match current OEM designs to drive parts commonality as well as form and fit down the assembly line. These cabs are built using standardized design processes for manufacturing consistency and repeatability and come with a ten-year structural warranty.

OEM Truck Cabs

OEM-Truck-Cab-1 OEM-Truck-Cab-2

Cab Styles: Conventional and Cabover / Low Forward Entry (LFE)

Cab Body: Aluminum or Steel

Cab Sizes:

  • Standard 3-Man
  • Extended
  • Crewcab 6-Man
  • Crewcab SCBA 9” longer
  • Low Roof Carhauler
  • Expedited Freight Integrated Sleeper

Door Style: Standard Door, Flip Door or Bi-fold Door

Agricultural, Construction and Rough Terrain Cabs

ag-tiller-cab ag-const-cab-1

Golf Cart and ATV Cabs

atv-cart-cab-1 atv-cart-cab

Crane Cabs

Longbow-Single-operator-enclosure utility-enclosure-cab Long-bow-utility-cab

Plant and Warehouse Vehicle Cabs

plant-warehouse-cab-3 plant-warehouse-cab-2 plant-warehouse-cab-1

Generator and Equipment Shelters

Observ_Platform-3 shelter-exterior-wall Observ_Platform-2

Observation Platforms and Towers

Shelter-green-813567-edited Observ_Platform-1 shelter-1

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