Project Profile: Cambria

Custom Trucks and A-Frames for Heavy Hauling

Hauling thousands of pounds of equipment or material requires sturdy, well-made trucks. Just ask the folks over at Cambria, who have made it their mission to provide beautiful, natural quartz surfaces and exceptional service to all their customers. They understand the importance of fleet safety, efficiency, and the benefits of truck longevity.

Cambria turned to Marion Body Works for an order of 26 custom trucks to improve its fleet and keep pace with the company’s growing business. The order included a combination of flatbed and box trucks built to fulfill a variety of tasks.section-1-callout

Custom A-Frame for Flatbed Trucks

Prior to working with Marion, Cambria used wooden A-frames on its flatbed trucks for hauling heavy slabs of quartz. Working closely with Cambria, Marion took the original wooden design and engineered a custom metal A-frame that can support 30,000 pounds and properly stabilize the heavy materials during transport. This prevents the body from loosening and the truck from tipping as a result of shifting loads.

The A-frame engineered by Marion also removed the need to unstrap multiple wooden A-frames at a time. One heavy-duty metal frame means faster loading and unloading. Marion was able to enhance Cambria’s design and improve its employee safety, hauling capabilities, and job efficiency.

Custom Box Trucks

Cambria’s growth has also sparked the need for custom box trucks equipped to handle diverse project needs. While some materials are hauled in box trucks, these trucks often act as mobile workshops, requiring outlets, generators, and other equipment necessary to work with quartz on site. Marion’s discovery process allowed Cambria to effectively communicate specific requirements that would ultimately make its trucks safer and more efficient for its employees. With this information, Marion was able to customize the right solution.

The Trucks

Included in this order:

Here is a list of the trucks included in this order. All of these trucks were mounted on a 2021 Freightliner M2 chassis.

  • Two 14’ platforms
  • Three 18’ platforms with A-Frames
  • Eleven 26’ platforms
  • One 28’ dry van
  • Two 26’ dry vans
  • Three 18’ Mobile Workshop dry vans
  • One 28’ curtainside
  • One 28’ dry van

Marion designed a custom metal A-frame that replaced wooden frames originally used on Cambria trucks. The new A-frames provide more stability, strength, and efficiency.


In addition to hauling quartz, Cambria’s box trucks are often used as mobile workshops. By understanding Cambria’s needs and the on-site tasks of its employees, Marion was able to create a custom solution that met all of the necessary requirements.

Proactive Designs for Future Success

Cambria plans to use the custom A-frame on all flatbed trucks moving forward, and the company is in the process of converting to an all-Marion fleet. By understanding Cambria’s pain points, our team was able proactively design solutions that met the company’s requirements. Our process and capabilities allow us to customize entire fleets with trucks designed for specific duties. Contact us today if you have pain points that can be addressed with custom equipment.

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