All Aluminum Truck Cabs

The Marion Extrusion Design Story

Marion all-aluminum body and cab designs feature the use of aluminum extrusions. They are superior to formed sheet designs in strength to weight ratio. Also, extrusions provide superior dimensional reliability, especially in door fit up.     

Pound for pound, aluminum extrusions are much stronger than sheet aluminum. Here are the book mechanical properties of the most commonly used sheet and extrusion alloys.

Alloy-Temper Used For Tensile Strength Yield Strength
3003H14 Sheet (a few Cents per lb. cheaper than 5052-H32) 22,000 psi 21,000 psi
5052-H32 Sheet (Marion Standard) 33,000 psi 28,000 psi
6061-T6 Extrusions (Marion Standard) 45,000 psi 40,000 psi

On tensile strength (failure point) Marion extrusions are 105% stronger than 3003 sheet; 36% stronger than 5052 sheet. On yield strength (point when distortion begins) Marion extrusions are 90% stronger than 3003 sheet; 43% stronger than 5052 sheet.     

An added important feature of Marion's extrusions is that they are made from 100% "primary" aluminum. Many aluminum extrusion houses use "secondary" (recovered/recycled) aluminum when it is lower in cost. "Secondary" typically includes trace impurities. These impurities can produce extrusions with significantly less strength than their book mechanical properties. Marion's extruder source uses only "primary" aluminum, to give you the full book value strength.     

Marion has more years of experience --since 1964-- in building all-aluminum bodies than any other U.S. Manufacturer.     

Marion extrusion design bodies and cabs come with a ten year structural warranty.     

Our Long-Term Commitment

Marion Body Works has made a long-term commitment to building aluminum cabs. This has been founded by thirty-four years of experience building all-aluminum truck bodies for emergency vehicle duty and our fourteen years of experience using industrial adhesives, with no failures. This commitment is also shown by our investments in state-of-the-art equipment, technologies, and training:     

  • State-of-the-art aluminum welding equipment     
  • CAD and CAM programming for every part, which insures repeatability, easily permits revisions of part designs, and can accommodate design improvements made by the chassis manufacturer    
  • Computer controlled fabrication machines     
  • Dozens of proprietary aluminum extrusion dies  
  • Smooth surface aluminum castings for strength at the stress concentration corners  

Extensive fixturing of all assembly operations for dimensional accuracy, dependable repeatability, and the lowest cost.

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