Custom Engineered Vehicles

After 108 years building truck bodies, we’ve learned what it takes to make a custom enclosure that outperforms expectations. When a standard van body or heavy steel enclosure doesn’t fit the application, we have a solution – an all aluminum custom built enclosure designed to your exact specifications.

Here are some of the key features that might make this option the right one for you:

  • Aluminum extruded perimeter frame. These heavy duty extrusions are designed to fit together, accept a smooth or treadplate roof, and have stood the demands of rigorous shake testing
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum corners designed to be welded to extruded top, side and corner radii. This is the component that ties all the structure together, a casting that was engineered to fit with the mating extrusions
  • No standard wall structure. Each vehicle is engineered for your needs, optimized for strength and weight reduction
  • Limitless door options: size, construction, hardware and more
  • Smooth side construction. State-of-the-art structural adhesives improve the integrity and look of the finished product
  • Superior corrosion protection. Aluminum resists rust and improves the longevity of the enclosure
  • Multiple floor structure and finished surface options to suit your application 
  • Prep/prime and custom paint and undercoating. Our experience in the Fire, Commercial Truck, and Defense industries allow us to offer many options for paint, both inside and out
  • Designed in 3D. Our enclosure drawings can be integrated with existing engineered product content
  • Optional interior structure. We offer multiple options including interior structure that allows for reconfiguring shelving and interior partitions if work requirements change

Our team is ready to roll up our sleeves to assist you with your own custom engineered vehicle needs, so contact our team today!

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