Marion has been designing and building commercial truck bodies since our doors opened back in 1905. As you can imagine, we’ve gotten pretty darned good at it. Forget any notion that truck bodies are boxes; ours are carefully designed and built to serve very specific purposes for distinctly different industries and customers. And the same phenomenal durability is at the core of each and every truck body we deliver.

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Our core products include:

In our opinion, shortcuts in the production process only shortchange customers.

Like every product Marion builds, we take time to ensure that every detail of our truck bodies gets the same focus and attention, and that they perform – or outperform – to very high standards. We build most every truck body from the ground up (some customers prefer to select a stock option) to deliver on very specific requirements so you’re never forced to compromise.

Here’s what you can look forward to in your Marion commercial truck body:

  • Greater maneuverability. Marion’s bodies are made entirely of aluminum because it’s lightweight and gives a truck a lower center of gravity, making it more maneuverable than others
  • Greater payload capacity. Because of its light weight, you can carry more payload on a lighter, less expensive axle. And since the truck is less likely to run at its rated maximum GVWR, the components will last longer
  • Added strength. Marion bodies are fully extruded using state-of-the-art fabrication systems. Virtually every piece of material is CNC produced, not cut up on the production floor. Tensile strength is 105% stronger than 3003 sheet; 36% stronger than 50502 sheet

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