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Form meets functionality with Marion’s Aerial Platforms. By combining our reputation for strength and durability with our custom Smart Aerial and Soft Touch controls, we’ve built an aerial platform that’ll stand up to any challenge you give it. Always custom built and painted, our standard aluminum body is up to 105% stronger than our competitors and is backed by our 15-year structural and 10-year paint warranties. Don’t let the toughness fool you, though. Even with platforms ranging up to 104’, our Soft Touch controls’ locking mechanism allows for precise ladder location, every time.


  • Our custom Soft Touch controls give you complete control over your aerial platform with added safety features such as collision protection and automatic speed control
  • Choose the aerial length that best suits your needs with choices from 75' reaching up to 104'
  • An optional wireless remote control is available to provide control away from the apparatus
  • Marion's standard aluminum body is built to last and can be configured to accomadate the equipment needs of your department


Chassis Choices

  • Available on Spartan or HME custom chassis

Body Construction

  • Fully extruded all-aluminum construction including an integrated sub-structure to eliminate corrosion


  • Custom compartment design based on aerial selected and department needs


  • Extruded flush mounted or roll-up doors


  • Aerial platforms 75’ to 104’
  • Available in mid-mount and rear-mount applications
  • Angle range of -5 degrees

Aerial Construction

  • Steel ladders
  • Hot dipped galvanized stabilizers and torque boxes

Aerial Controls

  • “Soft Touch” controls with locking mechanism for precise and exact ladder location
  • “Smart Aerial” controls (standard on platforms) provides cab and body collision protection, automatic speed control, auto bedding, and monitors breathing air system

Electrical System

  • Multiplex wiring is standard for ease of troubleshooting
  • “As built” wiring diagrams created specifically for your apparatus


  • Wireless remote control to operate all aerial and monitor functions
  • Hot dipped galvanized ladders
  • Low profile models for reduced truck height


  • Structural – 15 years standard
  • Paint – 10 years standard
  • Electrical component – 5 years standard
  • Ladder – 25 years standard


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