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 A Marion Aerial Ladder gets water to even the hardest-to-reach areas. With our aerial stick lengths available up to 109’, our Ladder is the perfect truck for high-rise rescue and for safely accessing tall roofs. Built to your exact specifications, we’ll make sure every last detail exceeds your performance and quality expectations – because we know that when you’re out on a call, there’s no room for error.


  • Choose the aerial stick and mount application that works best for your department
  • Hot dipped galvanized stabilizers and torque boxes provide increased durability for critical components on your aerial unit
  • "Smart Aerial" controls increase the safety of your aerial with collision protection, speed control, auto bedding, and air system monitoring
  • Custom compartment configurations allow you to bring the necessary equipment on your aerial for any situation 
  • Optional low profile models are available for reduced height if your station or area has height limitations
  • Your ladder is built to last and we back that up with a 25 year standard warranty


Chassis Choices

  • Available on Spartan or HME custom chassis

Body Construction

  • Fully extruded all-aluminum construction including an integrated sub-structure to eliminate corrosion


  • Custom compartment design based on aerial selected and department needs


  • Extruded flush mounted or roll-up doors


  • Aerial sticks 60’ to 109’
  • Available in mid-mount and rear-mount applications
  • Angle range of -5 degrees

Aerial Construction

  • Steel ladders
  • Hot dipped galvanized stabilizers and torque boxes

Aerial Controls

  • “Soft Touch” controls with locking mechanism for precise and exact ladder location
  • “Smart Aerial” controls provides cab and body collision protection, automatic speed control, auto bedding, and monitors breathing air system

Electrical System

  • Multiplex wiring is standard for ease of troubleshooting
  • “As built” wiring diagrams created specifically for your apparatus


  • Wireless remote control to operate all aerial and monitor functions
  • Hot dipped galvanized ladders
  • Low profile models for reduced truck height


  • Structural – 15 years standard
  • Paint – 10 years standard
  • Electrical component – 5 years standard
  • Ladder – 25 years standard


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