Rescue Units - Walk-In Rescues

The right rescue for any department is the one that’s designed and built exclusively for its needs – right down to the finest detail. In fact, Marion’s “no compromises, no shortcuts” approach is the only thing our rescues have in common, and the reason departments across the country know that “You can’t go wrong with a Marion.”


  • Custom compartment configurations allow your department to tailor your aparatus to your gear and needs
  • Cab-to-body walkthrough makes accessing equipment and personnel easy
  • All elements of body construction are designed to eliminate corrosion and improve the lifespan of your fire apparatus
  • Standard body sizes vary from 10' to 22' depending on what your department needs
  • Pair your custom rescue body with a commercial or custom cab


Chassis Choices

  • Available on Spartan or HME custom chassis
  • Available on most commercial chassis – International, Freightliner, Ford, Kenworth, Peterbilt


  • Standard body sizes: 10', 12', 15', 18', 19', 20', 22'

Body Construction

  • Fully extruded all-aluminum construction including an integrated sub-structure to eliminate corrosion
  • All crossmembers and structural tubing have capped ends to eliminate road debris
  • All roofs are 100% welded to ensure a watertight fit
  • Seamless interior walls and ceilings
  • Sealed and insulated floors to remove road noise
  • “Wash out” squad floors – no seams or caulking


  • Side compartment walls are a double wall design to allow wiring and components to be recessed – no exposed wiring


  • Extruded flush-mounted or roll-up doors

Electrical Systems

  • Multiplex wiring is standard for easy troubleshooting
  • “As built” wiring diagrams created specifically for your apparatus
  • “Soft touch” backlit switching is standard


  • Cab-to-body walkthrough
  • Customized interior design and layout
  • Interior headroom 60"-77" depending on chassis and body design


  • Structural: 15 years standard
  • Electrical component: 5 years standard


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