Posted by Marketing on (September 26, 2018)

Marion On the Cutting Edge of Welding

IMG_3431Marion Body Works, Inc. continues to provide options that enhance employee knowledge and skill sets. With the recent purchase of an AugmentedArc and LiveArc from Miller Electric, Marion is pursuing avenues in cutting edge technologies for their welders and prospective employees. From showcasing what welding is like to testing skill levels, both machines provide an experience similar to what one would face in real-life as a welder.

Taking out the element of human error when testing skill level, each machine provides accurate real-time data to point out areas for improvement and level of mastery among the different settings.

Miller Electric LiveArc2The AugmentedArc is perfect for those just getting into welding, newly out of college, or wanting to learn what it might be like as a welder. The LiveArc provides users with a realistic environment versus augmented being that they can see and experience welding in action or as a test tool.

Marion Body Works continues to invest in current and future employees through on-sight training in the Center of Excellence where each of the new simulators will be housed for continual use throughout the year by welders taking their 6-month qualification testing, new employee training, and prospective high school tours.



"Marion continues to invest in current and future employees through on-site training." - Mike Krueger, Welding Program Specialist, Certified Weld Inspector

About Marion Body Works

Marion Body Works manufactures Fire & Emergency Apparatus, Commercial Truck Bodies, Aluminum Custom Cabs, Custom Engineered Vehicles, and Defense Products for customers across the country. Marion has been privately owned, family operated, and continuously operated in Marion since they were founded in 1905. Marion specializes in all aluminum products, with more experience in this area than any other U.S. manufacturer. The company’s capabilities include aluminum and steel fabrication, welding, plumbing, foam insulation, hydraulics, electrical and electronic controls, and painting.