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A Marion curtainside will make your business more efficient, whether you’re hauling lumber, millwork, plumbing and building supplies, large equipment, tools or bulky pallets.


We go the extra mile in both the design and construction of our curtainsides, giving you the ultimate in security and in easy loading and unloading:

  • Ultra-strong curtains. Curtains are PVC coated polyester material, and include vertical and horizontal nylon reinforcement webbing to add strength and serve as a rip stop for security
  • Reduced flutter. Ratchet tensioners at the front corners also provide tension horizontally to reduce curtain flutter. A quick release is included at the rear on each side of the van
  • Solid flooring. The laminated hardwood flooring extends the full length of the van and is supported at the front by a rugged formed crossmember. For added stability, every board is secured to every crossmember using a 5/16" screw into each side of the I-beam flange
  • Easy access. Wide rear door opening for easier loading/unloading; Level entry threshold for smooth and safe forklift loading
  • Versatility. Removable support poles on each side of the body
  • Weather protection. Full width eaves trough above rear door acts as a protective water shed and provides recessed protection for the rear marker lights
  • Rugged construction. 7 ga. steel formed lower side rails, rear frame, outer posts, inner reinforcements, and a 7 ga. smooth steel rear threshold

The quality of our curtainsides extends to the very smallest details – like yellow chromated roller end hinges, precision rollers, aluminum cable drums, stainless rivets and bolts and heavy-duty bottom fixtures, just to name a few.

We also offer a variety of customizable features to give you greater flexibility:

  • Variety of curtain colors available at no additional charge
  • Custom sizes available
  • Custom graphics can be inked into the curtain for advertising
  • Curtains are available on both sides or just one

Available lengths: 10' to 30'

Available heights: 79-1/8" to 109-1/8"


  • Additional rear crossmembers
  • Additional dome lights
  • Walkramps
  • Logistic track
  • Liftgates
  • Four panel full-opening door
  • Two-panel full-opening door
  • Two-panel harrow-opening door
  • Single-panel narrow-opening door

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