COMMERCIAL Glasshaulers

Marion glasshaulers stand up to the weight of this very heavy – and extremely fragile – cargo, with a solid truck that’s customized to transport your glass the way that’s best for you.


Just how strong are our glasshaulers? Marion uses 4" steel I-beam crossmembers rather than the 3" used by many competitors, making ours more than 200% stronger. And even though we use a wider I-beam, we still space ours at 12" centers to ensure a rock-solid foundation.

Additional features include:

  • Rack styles designed and built specifically for the type of glass your company hauls, from large pallets to small single panes
  • Interior and exterior glass racks constructed in either steel or stainless steel
  • Enclosed, insulated or open style bodies available


  • Rear-mounted crane
  • Platform-mounted crane
  • Slide-open roof
  • Aluminum roof
  • Interior flood lights
  • Rear glass roller
  • Walk ramps
  • Stationary endgate on platform
  • Hinged endgate on platform
  • Liftgates

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