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Every component of a Marion dry van is designed for maximum durability and functionality. The foundation, floor, undercoating, rear frame, rear threshold, front wall, and doors are specially constructed to hold up to the rigors of road duty.  And if one of our standard models isn’t completely aligned with your needs, our engineers can custom design one that is. Plenty of options are available, too, making our “standard” line anything but!


Strongest van foundation. To build a solid house, the foundation has to be strong. Manufacturing a good dry van is no different. Industry standard 3" crossmembers are spaced at 12" centers to ensure that solid foundation. In the critical wheel area, full width tapered crossmembers, double bolted to the rails, support the floor. This allows the proper tire clearance without sacrificing structural integrity under all of the floor.  

Superior strength flush floor. A strong, durable floor is just as important as the foundation. In constructing a Marion van, flooring of 1-1/8 inch laminated hardwood is bonded with premium adhesive and microwave cured for long-life and stability. The rear entry is flush to avoid forklift "hops" and damage, and includes a protective drain trough. Two screws per board per crossmember are staggered on each side of the I-beam crossmember for added long-term strength.  

Exceptional undercoating protection. Undercoating is done in-plant immediately after the floor is built, while the surface is pristine. Marion uses a premium, 100% acrylic resin undercoating that does not flash dry but penetrates the wood producing a rubbery, tough protective surface that’s highly resistant to stone, ice, and salt abrasion. The 4-inch I-beam crossmembers are fully precoated at the steel mill so rust protection covers all surfaces, including the top, where water and salt sit.  

Industry's strongest threshold. The majority of the traffic in and out of a truck passes over the rear threshold. A strong threshold is needed to withstand forklift pounding and backing into docks of varying heights. Marion uses a tough, 7-gauge rear threshold that is over 200% stronger than the 10-gauge used by others. Its superior strength anchors the rear frame and supports dock extensions and liftgates. The flush entry design makes loading smoother and the built-in drain trough helps keep cargo dry while providing safer footing and protection for the frame and floor.  

Durable rear frame. Much of the wear on a truck body occurs on the rear frame, so durability and strength are critical here. Ours is constructed of 12-gauge galvanealed steel with corner posts extending to the bottom of the formed 7-gauge threshold. The top header has a built-in rain trough that keeps cargo dry while providing protection for the recessed rear marker safety lights below it.  

Flexible door design. Marion offers several options for rear doors to fit a variety of needs. Roll-up rear doors have side seals as standard. This quality feature helps keep cargo dry and protects the door rollers so that drivers can safely and easily open and close the door. The counterbalance spring is fully E-coated – is the only way to protect its entire surface from corrosion and failure. Swing doors have special dual durometer seals for superior cargo protection. Marion rear door options include roll-up, four panel full-opening, two panel full-opening, two panel narrow-opening, and single panel narrow-opening.  

Standard forklift clearance. Since the OSHA forklift standard is 83-1/2 inches high, the door opening height on our standard 91" dry van is 86" with a flush entry. Most competitors have to quote a 6" higher body which adds to the initial cost, is less economical to operate, and can cause overall clearance problems.  

Resistant front wall and corners. Forklifts cause most of the damage to the front wall of a truck body. Seven vertical posts in the front wall make ours the strongest in the industry. Aerodynamic extruded aluminum corner posts, top front radius, and cast aluminum corner caps provide protection from weather and tree limb abuse and keep cargo dry.  


  • 102" wide  
  • Interior lighting  
  • Translucent roof  
  • Rubber dock bumpers  
  • Forklift bulkhead  
  • Vents  
  • Plywood or slat lining  
  • Decaling  
  • Liftgates  
  • Imron paint finish  
  • Walk ramps  
  • Side doors  
  • Tie rings  
  • Roller systems  
  • Logistic track  
  • Nose cones  
  • Scuff plates  
  • Tandem axle package  
  • Platform extensions  
  • 1-3/8" flooring 
  • Insulation

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