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Marion Defense Builds On Success

Marion Defense has been building a diverse line of truck bodies for the US Military and our Allies for over three decades.  With proven platforms like the Oshkosh Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) deployed globally, Marion has earned a reputation for delivering rugged and innovative vehicle components.

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The Proof is in the Culture

Company culture in the manufacturing industry is usually described as bland, uninviting, and dreadful. At Marion Body Works, it's far from. Enhancements to work-spaces, co-working areas, company policies, and much more, Marion has expanded their employees experience greatly. As stated by Rachel Heineman, Quality Engineer, “Marion’s Culture is very family friendly and you are given the opportunity to express your ideas and make an impact."

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Growing Board of Directors welcomes Jim Ransom at Marion Body Works

Marion Body Works graciously welcomes Jim Ransom to the Board of Directors. He brings with himself a career dedicated in improving leadership and business strategy skills effective in corporations of various size. Along with his inheritance of fifteen years of experience at Bemis Corporation, in the packaging industry, Ransom totes a long list of exemplary practice driven in building business strategy and leadership. Prior to Bemis, Ransom served as President and CEO of Promo Edge. Graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a degree in accounting and finance, Ransom has shifted workplace culture into a topic that is both enjoyable and rewarding to partake in.

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Former 50 year employee comes back for tour

Arnie Piotraschke worked at Marion Body Works from 1959, until he retired in 2009. Last Friday, Arnie brought his extended family to tour the new facility. 15 of those family members were visiting from Germany for a family reunion. Through translation, they were able to hear and see where Arnie spent 50 years of service. Our President Curt Ignacio, and Pat Flannery gave the tours, and spent time walking the family through the history of MBW. 

We at Marion want to thank Arnie for his many years of dedicated service.

Photo: (left: Curt Ignacio, middle: Arnie Piotraschke, right: Pat Flannery) 

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Marion Body Works, Inc Celebrates its New Office Expansion

June 17, 2016 

Marion Body Works cuts ribbon on new headquarters and production facility campus

MARION, Wis. – From its humble beginnings in 1905 as a blacksmith shop manufacturing milk wagons, Marion Body Works now has the facilities to match its present-day status in the custom truck manufacturing industry.

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Jim Krueger Reaches 50 Years of Service

Today, June 2nd is the 50th anniversary of Jim Krueger’s employment with Marion Body Works. 

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Marion Body Works Promotes Ryan Falke to Director of Quality & Continuous Improvement

Marion Body Works, a leading manufacturer of Fire & Emergency Apparatus, Commercial Truck Bodies, Aluminum Custom Cabs, Custom Engineered Vehicles, and Defense Products, is pleased to announce the promotion of Ryan Falke to the position of Director of Quality & Continuous Improvement.

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